Welcome to the website of Not High Yet. This project was set up to promote an open discussion about drugs, take a light-hearted view on the lifestyle that many of us live as well as provide an outlet of expression for personal drug use issues.
Kenzo, your host, will be more than happy to answer all of your drugs, addiction or lifestyle questions with a non-biased, entertaining and anecdote-filled perspective. Come to Not High Yet to get advice on anything from drug classification to notes on a sex club.
At the moment drug users are separated into three categories, the post-addict recovery advocate, the recreational utopian and the down-and-out junkie. These boxes are woefully inadequate and as a high functioning junkie, Kenzo aims to create an opportunity for discussion that is realistic, practical and challenges mainstream perception around drug users.
The law on drug use is one of the few items of legislation that has not been altered or re-interpreted since it was made into law. It is time to push toward evolving our understanding and changing our attitudes toward drugs and their users.
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