Episode Six

The final episode in the first series! This episode is jam-packed full of new topics and discussions. Kenzo begins by detailing encounters with the underworld while waiting to score before tackling a range of personal and research-based questions.

One girl is struggling for money, should she go into sex work? and how can she go about it? Another guy is finding drug classification in the UK illogical (who isn’t?) so Kenzo discusses the reasoning and impact of our classification laws.

Link to Doc: https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200506/cmselect/cmsctech/1031/1031.pdf

Have you heard about safe injection sites? They are beginning to be considered in the UK, Kenzo let’s you know what they look like and what the statistics are for help and harm.

As always there is an interview where someone shares their story. This episode is Tran Trung Duc, a Vietnamese pop-star with award-winning albums sharing his experience with drugs and growing up Gay in Vietnam.

Artist Listening: https://soundcloud.com/trantrungducofficial

Hold tight for Series Two, it’s going to be bigger, better, badder than Round One!!!

Episode Five

One caller isn’t sure if he needs to let his girlfriend know about his gambling. Should he tell her even though it doesn’t mean anything? Another isn’t sure how to support his girlfriend giving up smoking while he is a smoker himself…does he have to quit too??

The penultimate episode of the season begins with exclusive new music produced by London-based female producer Ymi Lykthat. We are proud to present a new introduction giving the podcast a contemporary and relevant feel, ready for Season Two.

Link to Ymi Lykthat: https://soundcloud.com/ymi-lykthat

Ever considered going to a sex club? Been curious but not sure what to expect? No worries, Kenzo describes her experience and samples the sex-club scene for us all! She visits “The Office” a club in Bristol located on the top floor of an high rise apartment building close to an industrial estate. Definitely worth going for the staircase up alone!

Link to The Office: http://theofficebristol.co.uk

This episode’s interview talks about radical honesty, addiction to sleeping pills and finding your way as a young professional while trying to overcome depression. Sound familiar? A massive percentage of young people are on prescribed antidepressants. For better or for worse, we all seem to be having our emotions dimmed as we move further into the 21st Century.


Episode Four

A strange introduction,  using the examples of Putin and a pug purse to try to understand what it feels like to have the foundation of your belief system shaken from beneath. Hopefully it makes sense in the end…

What is Microdosing? and why are all the cool kids doing it? Kenzo takes on the latest fashion emanating from Silicon Valley…tiny amounts of LSD to make your day better. On the other side of the drugs coin, the ongoing war in the Philippines; one listener wants to know whether to engage with people who believe that addicts should be murdered on sight.

For this episode’s interview, Kenzo heads out to the streets and talks to James, a man who has been living on the streets for the past six months. This interview may be distressing to some listeners so BEWARE. What to make of the impromptu visitor? Someone born to fight or sick of fighting? You decide. A lot of food for thought in this episode. Feedback, as always, encouraged and appreciated.

Episode Three

It’s the halfway episode and the theme is stories! Kenzo heads up the episode by reading a dark and unexpected tale of an animated exoskeleton named Susie. Another story describes one woman’s encounter with the prison system and details how incarceration has affected her after release. 

Questions this week include a definition and discussion of “Spice”, a new drug epidemic sweeping through the UK streets as well as identifying aspects of the self that we keep of discard when overcoming addiction.

This week’s interview is with an old friend who has also been upholding a double life. In her case it is hiding an eating disorder while working as a chef. Conversation gets deep, dark and personal as they compare and contrast their lives.


Episode Two

The second episode in the series answers a bizarre range of questions from “Did Posh Spice ever take a load of drugs?”, to “What alternatives are there to giving up heroin aside from the replacement method of the NHS?” 

What are the best drugs to take if you want a have a silly night with your mates? Find out here as Kenzo answers another round of drugs, addiction and lifestyle questions.

Our main interview is with Danny Kushlick, from Transform. An NGO working internationally to decriminalise and regulate all drugs to create a safer and more inclusive space for people suffering all over the world. Danny is starting from the top, advising governments on how to go about this radical shift in perception. He comes onto the podcast today to discuss his views and his work based around drugs.

Go to https://www.tdpf.org.uk for more information on the work of Transform.


Episode One

The first instalment of Not High Yet. A new and inclusive podcast that aims to challenge peoples’ perception of addiction and addicts themselves. This episode features a caller who keeps getting nosebleeds and wants to know how to stop it.

Another caller has been taking ecstasy for a number of years and just can’t get the same high anymore. Why not? And can we recreate that first time?

Kenzo discusses the social isolation being an addict and begins to confront the attitudes we have towards people suffering from addiction. In the end, almost all addictive compulsions come from similar internal sources, and addictions can take a variety of forms; some condoned, some condemned.

This podcast takes a hard-hitting stance and doesn’t go easy on the listener. Kenzo has something to say, and she’s going to say it.

Tune in to later episodes for interviews with local homeless, local NGOs and International activists. As well as all your drugs lifestyle questions answered.



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